Sinus Lift Procedure

Sinus Lift Illustration showing bone graft

Central Texas Periodontics offers Sinus Lift procedures which is a process that assists your body in rehabilitating a delicate area by restoring lost bone with your own natural bone. Techniques and materials used for this procedure have steadily improved over time, making the Sinus Lift one of the most successful and predictable bone grafting procedures performed in the mouth.

When a natural tooth is lost, whether through dental decay, periodontal disease or dental trauma, the alveolar process begins to remodel. The edentulous (toothless) area is termed a ridge, which over time usually loses both height and width. Furthermore, the level of the floor of the maxillary sinus gradually becomes lower. Overall, this leads to a loss of volume of bone which is available for implantation of dental implants, which rely on osseointegration. The goal of the sinus lift is to graft extra bone into the maxillary sinus, so more bone is available to support a dental implant.

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